Next version of iTunes 4.9 will feature built-in podcasting

If you didn’t catch our previous post that introduces you to podcasting, you better do it soon because it’s gonna be huge-right-now.

I just caught on Podcasting News that at the D3: All things Digital Conference, Steve Jobs announced that the next release of iTunes 4.9 will have podcasting features built-in. This is GIANT news as it will effectively add an audience of about 27 million of users to the podcast community.

It will probably also mean that subscribing and downloading to podcasts will become dramatically easier as well if this follows Apple’s typically intuitive user interfaces.

I’m certain that Microsoft will soon follow with a similar addition to its Windows Media Player.

Folks, this is a tremendous yet natural development in podcasting. We are about to see an explosion of this new media.

Whatever you were going to do about Podcasting, you better do it now.