Find Movies Online

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When you want to go out and see a movie, how do you find out when and where it’s going to play? I’ll bet you either dig around the house for the Sunday paper or you’ll make a bunch of phone calls, right? Aw man, I’m disappointed! You mean you don’t reach for your Web browser and call up the movie theaters online and find the right time and place in seconds? After all, why did you buy that cool computer and high-speed, always-on Internet access for anyway, right? Seriously folks, the next time you want to find your movie, try the Web instead. It is way, WAY better and faster. Believe me, I timed it! Now of course this won’t work well if you have dialup because it just takes too long but for you RoadRunner types, you will love this new way once you’ve tried it. Now I’ve already found the best local movie theater links for you and they’re posted on so check it out.

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