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The next time you need to use a dictionary, don’t reach for the little fat book on the shelf. If you have a high-speed, always on connection, finding the right word is faster, easier, and only a mouseclick away if you use an online dictionary. I personally use the Merriam-Webster online edition. I love it because it’s faster than the book and will even properly pronounce words for me (very cool). Another thing that’s great about the online dictionary is that it can help spell words correctly. I never did quite figure out why my teacher told me to use a dictionary to get the right spelling. How can you look up a word if you don’t know how to spell it? Anyway, I’ve been using the online dictionary for a few years now and haven’t picked up the book version since. Of course this won’t work well if you have dialup because you have to take the time to connect but if you have a high speed, always online connection using an online dictionary is the only way to go.

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