Everything you need to work in the clouds

All of Opcloud’s services delivered through top-tier providers. We continually scour the market to make sure you always get best-of-breed services.

Opcloud Google Apps

Google Apps starts by giving you the best email and calendaring system you can possibly buy, and then adds so much more like collaborative document development, company intranets, and access to a massive directory of 3rd party plug-in applications.

Opcloud Google Apps Training

Need online training at your fingertips? This service plugs in to Google Apps and gives you short video tutorials with a click and a great way to accelerate your productivity.

Opcloud Salesforce.com

Simply put, this is the leader in cloud-based business applications. Offering so much more than sales automation, Salesforce.com is also a fantastic platform for developing custom cloud applications to automate your business.

Opcloud Document Management

Documents aren’t meant to be emailed as attachments. They are meant to be shared, whether it’s with internal colleagues, customers, or vendors. Opcloud’s cloud-based document management systems both store your existing documents (including Microsoft Office) and securely share them.

Opcloud Social Media Monitoring and Metrics

How is your brand doing vs. your competitors? Who are the key influencers that are bringing you business? How do your follower feel about your company? Social Media is creating an entirely new class of metrics and Opcloud has the right tools to help you make the most of this incredible opportunity.

Opcloud Backup

The advantages of cloud-based backups are many: simplified disaster recovery, higher reliability, and instant access from anywhere. You simply can’t beat the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your data is backed up all the time in secure, off-site locations.

Opcloud Mobile

We have already gone past the point of “no return” in computing: desktops are already a fraction of mobile computing sales. Whether it’s iPhone or Android, we have the right software that makes both your external and internal systems mobile-ready, today.