Opinion: Why does tech continue to reduce cost and increase quality

First, go read my post about the recent speed increase for Road Runner subscribers.

Now, let’s talk.

What allows such incredible increase in quality with a precipitous drop in cost? We’ve come to expect this as the norm from the technology industry but no one asks why or how this is the case. Indeed, why does tech continue to make huge leaps year after year while many of our other key industries don’t seem to keep the pace?

While there are some inherent advantages that tech has over other industries (for example, it’s a lot easier to improve a wafer of silicon than it is to remake a power plant), the tech industry is also relatively free from burdening government regulations and control. You can start a tech business and sell any kind of products and services your mind can imagine to a global market in less than one hour. And if you succeed, chances are you’ll have 100 competitors in the next hour!

I believe it is this nearly perfect global market freedom that drives entrepreneurs to risk capital, invest in innovation, and continually serve their customers that makes the tech industry such a fabulous example of what happens when people are liberated to pursue their dreams and be rewarded in the service of others.