Next generation flat-panel TVs using “Carbon Nanotubes” coming

I caught this story in CNET about a new generation of TVs that might be hitting stores in 2 years or so.

Called “Nano-emissive Display”, these new generation TVs are markedly improved over the old stuff. CNET says:

Among favorable attributes of Motorola’s new displays: They’re bright enough to be seen in daylight, they respond as quickly as CRTs, their colors are almost as good as CRTs and they can be viewed from a wide range of angles. And they’re “much less expensive” to build than current displays because fewer steps are required in the manufacturing process, Ilderem said.

They use a new technology called “Carbon Nanotubes” which are tubes built from Carbon that apparently have the ability to pipe electricity. These tubes are connected to the coated class of a TV and then turn themselves on an off to create the picture.

I’ve still got an old Tube TV because I like the picture quality. Now if this thing is for real, I’ll gladly wait for a few more years to get something better, bigger, and cheaper.