IE9 bug fix on themeforest design agency template

One of my clients (Hawaii Employee Leasing at JS Services, Inc.) is using a wordpress template from Themeforest called “Design Agency”. It was working just fine except under Internet Explorer version 9 (IE9), the links in the header do not render.

I went to the author’s page on Themeforest and saw an unanswered note from a user several months ago stating the same problem. So I figured it would be a waste of my time to send another message to someone not responding to the previous message.

So I paid a programmer to fix the bug. He did a good job and it’s up and running right now (you can test it at the link above in IE9 and you’ll see it works just fine).

If you would like the fix too, let me know. I’ll charge $100 to give you the fix and you can pay me via paypal. If you know your way around wordpress and can use FTP, you can fix it in less than 5 minutes.