Hawaii Sprint Customers: Do we get Google Voice?

I just got my email from Google today announcing that Sprint and Google voice has been integrated. This *could* meant that Hawaii phone numbers, previously denied 808 area codes (from what I understand, due to Hawaii regulations) might actually see their Sprint numbers (yes, 808 ones) work with Google voice. I have too much on my plate to play with this during the day but tonight is another story. Stay tuned. I will attempt to activate Google Voice on my Sprint EVO 4G phone and will report on the results. Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed!

Your Sprint number becomes your Google Voice number so that when people call your Sprint mobile number, it rings all the phones you want.

Update: 11:13pm 5/3/2011

The answer: NO! I’m really disappointed. Though the Google error message didn’t explain why my Sprint number wouldn’t work, I can only guess it’s related to the Hawaii-specific regulatory restrictions.

oh well. bummer.

Update: 5/11/2011

Apparently it’s just me. Others in Hawaii are reporting success. I’m going to call Sprint and find out why. My guess: I ported my number over from Tmobile and hence it can’t go Google. Just a guess. I’ll keep y’all posted.