Backblaze publishes hard drive reliability stats

Let’s cut to the chase. Get either the Seagate or HGST 4TB drives.   Personally, I’d go for the 3x more reliable HGST drive that costs 30% more than the Seagate.

The 4TB drives continue to rock, with both Seagate and HGST 4TB drives performing well. The Seagate 4TB drive has a current cumulative failure rate of 3.0% and has a street price of $131.58 each on Amazon. The HGST 4TB drive has a higher street price of $174.99 on Amazon, but a lower cumulative failure rate of 1.18%. Both drives have been in service for over a year and we currently own 17,000+ Seagate and 11,000+ HGST 4TB drives and continue to purchase more.

Source: The Most Reliable Hard Drive 2015