Xbox inches closer being your DVR

As a once-avid user of Windows Media Center to record TV, it was pretty clear to me that the Xbox could make a great DVR.  This latest move is indicative of where they are going.

Microsoft is adding recording and playback capability to live, over-the-air TV. You still have to purchase some hardware and an antenna to receive the broadcasts, but the Xbox provides the program guide and recording software.

Of course the next logical question is, “When will Xbox allow me to record cable TV shows, like a TiVo?”.

One can only speculate. They certainly could have rolled out that feature now, so there is clearly a strategy behind their moves.

Time will tell.

Xbox One owners will soon be able to use their game console to record and play back live television from free, over-the-air broadcasts, Microsoft announced

Source: Microsoft unveils Xbox One DVR features, enabling recording and playback of free over-the-air TV – GeekWire

Will you watch Xbox TV this Christmas?

Heavy Xbox users won’t be surprised to find out that Microsoft will be expanding functionality with “Xbox TV” this Christmas (2011).

Xbox users can already rent movies and watch Netflix and Hulu Plus. It will be interesting to see how they will further their penetration into this space which has been traditionally dominated by cable companies. (Disclosure: Oceanic Time Warner Cable sponsors my Your Computer Minute vignette on the radio). Can Microsoft provide a better set-top box experience? What happens when the world’s largest software company connects the Web to TV programming on its existing installed base of 55 million devices and 35 million paying subscribers?

We’re about to find out. What do you think?

Spielberg talks about new Xbox controller

Spielberg talks about new Xbox controller. no sci-fi movie even thought of this. super cool.

Must see demo of Xbox new controller.

Must see demo of Xbox new controller. senses your body incl. face. super futuristic. wow!