Better update your WordPress asap

Looks like another big security hole has been discovered:

Millions of websites running WordPress are at risk of hijacking attacks thanks to a vulnerability that is actively being exploited in the wild and is present in the default installation of the widely used content management system, security researchers warned Wednesday.

Source: Actively exploited WordPress bug puts millions of sites at risk | Ars Technica

Check your WordPress site: it might be hacked

It’s been a wild month for WordPress users;  there has been a rash of WordPress sites getting hacked.  If you haven’t checked your own site lately, you should.    The symptom of the hack is that visitors to your site get redirected to a malicious site, typically ending in .ru (Russia). It’s pretty easy to test: go to your site :(.

You can also go to to do a free scan on your WordPress site.

The fix is complicated and different for each user.  If you’re not technically-minded, get some professional help to clean out your site.   Do a Google search for “WordPress site hacked” and go from there.

Mobile is eating the web

Here’s a nice little infographic that should confirm what you already know: Users are spending more time on their mobile phones than on their desktop web browsers:

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ortals/41620/images/Flurry_Browsing_vs_AppUsage_Dec2011-resized-600.png” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”425″ />


Source: “You’ve probably underestimated just how big this is

So what does this mean?

At the very, very least: your site should be mobile friendly. This really isn’t hard anymore. The easiest way is to use the WordPress content management system. Not only is it free, but there are free plugins which make your existing WordPress site mobile compatible. You can go to this site with your mobile phone and get a quick demo.

We would be happy to talk w/ you about your own mobile website transformation. We’ve been building sites since 1994 and have more experience than just about anyone in this space. Contact us for more.