Surf the Web with your kids

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Do your kids go online at home? When was the last time you surfed the web with them? Folks, nobody loves the Internet more than me, but we all know there is a really dark side that you can easily stumble into. Spend time with your kids online. Teach them to never give out personal information and make sure they know about the very real danger posed by online predators.

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Bullies move to text messaging

I guess where there are kids, there are bullies. And where there are bullies, there’s a nonprofit organization funded by your tax dollars that’s telling us the obvious: it’s wrong.

Apparently 1 in 5 kids gets bullied electronically and text messaging is the most popular. A report by NCH gives you an idea of what kids are saying to each other, which sounds very much like what we used to say to each other back when I was a kid (except the “we’ll burn your house down” part):

“You’ve got ‘you’re big, you’re fat, you smell and nobody likes you’ right through to ‘we know where you live and we’re going to burn down your house and you’re going to die'”

In fact, there’s even a Web site:

Need more info? Cnet has a good article on it.

So what’s the solution? It’s the same one today that is used to be a long time ago: beat the crap out of the bully. Except now instead of fists, it’s hacking geeks to the rescue! Shut ’em down, boyz!