It’s time to keep your phone on silent by default

This didn’t quite occur to me until I read the article, but yes, it’s time to keep that phone on silent. These days, the phone is either in your hand or on the table where you can see it, so why annoy the rest of us with whatever your ringtone is?

A ringing phone is really a relic of the past when we had one phone in the house and had to hear it ring from anywhere in the home.

Most savvy people know that their phones should be muted in public. According to a Quora poster, all the young, hip “millennials” have switched their phones to silent mode, “even though they use them incessantly.” A brave member of the clan explained what was happening: “It spares the person from the constant beeping of their cell and also from the weird looks that one receives when one’s phone keeps on beeping.”

Source: Attention, people: Your phone should never make noise in public | Fusion