Windows 7 Tab Key shows 3D view of your windows


If you’re using Windows 7 try this: press and hold down the Windows icon key and press the tab button.  You’ll get this neat 3D view of all your open windows.  Each tab press moves forward or shift-tab goes back. Your mouse wheel works too.

Shake the Windows 7


Here’s a fast way to a clutter free Windows 7 desktop. Grab the top of any window on your desktop and shake it while holding down the mouse button.  All your other windows will be minimized.  Shake it again and the other windows return.

Massive Microsoft Security Mess – Get yours patched immediately

Straight from Microsoft’s website comes a stern warning about a security hole that apparently can happen by simply going to a bad website. Make sure your Windows system is promptly updated, like now!

The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow elevation of privilege if an unauthenticated attacker sends a specially crafted web request to the target site. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take any action in the context of an existing account on the ASP.NET site, including executing arbitrary commands

The easy way to transition from Microsoft Outlook to Google apps for business Gmail (Part 1)

It’s been about 2 years since I completely switched to using Google Apps for our business and Gmail specifically; I haven’t opened Microsoft Outlook since.
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Windows 7 running more than 64 logical processors

And here I thought I was the big man on campus running my desktop PC with 8 logical processors. Check out this graphic below. This is really only designed for server-class machines but you know how that goes; pretty soon we’ll have 64 processors not only on our desk but probably the mobile phone.

Below is the Windows 7 Task Manager CPU performance tab on a system with 160 logical processors.

CPU Usage History table contains 160 tiny cells, each showing a moving line graph of usage.

Google Apps Hawaii Users: Better Syncing with Outlook

If you love Microsoft Outlook but want to try out Google Apps for Business, the best way to go is use the free Outlook Sync application that Google supplies.  It lets you continue using Outlook but syncs your email, calendar, and notes with the Google servers.

It’s the perfect way to smoothly transition using Gmail to replace Outlook without having to go cold turkey. Let me give you my own story as an example:

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When the Cloud Goes Down, is it Really that Bad?

Just the other week, Google Docs went down for about an hour. For me, it happened at a really bad time and luckily I was able to copy and paste the content from an open Google Doc into a Microsoft Word doc and continue working. But there were thousands of other people that were acting like the world was coming to an end.

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