Show some class (and thoughtfulness) with Email

Are you a class act with email? Do you use it thoughtfully? Here’s what really peeves folks that consider email second nature:

cai_mommy: Forwarding jokes, chain mail, and those “if you love someone/know a great mother/believe in God” poems/pictures. That’s abuse.

mochichick: When someone sends a message addressed to loads of people without using bcc!

AndyBumatai: I can’t stand the “If you don’t forward this to 50 people you will (fill in guilt trip here)” How does bandwidth usage play in it?

malewa: people who, “Reply to all”!!

hawaii : I lament the underutilization of “Bcc” and the abuse of “Cc.” Don’t expose everyone’s address. And don’t encourage “reply all”!

FranMagbual: email pet peeve: chain messages that have been forwarded so many times you can’t find original message. Call me the chain killer!

macpro: – I hate opt out. Why do they automatically think I want their emails?

Super thanks to the folks that tweeted back. Awesome!