Where’s the earth-shattering kaboom?

2006 will be the year we all predicted that Web 2.0 will crash. The real question of course will be whether the prediction will be true or not. You’ll just have to watch this graph and see.

Posts that contain Web 2.0 Crash per day for the last 60 days.
Technorati Chart
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Hat tip: Steve Rubel’s post on the pending Web 2.0 crash. “Sell GOOG!”

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  1. Daniel Nerezov says:

    This situation is stupid, self destructive and severely infuriating.

    The tech industry got a lifeline with Web 2.0, and now the tech guys are turning the table on them selves.

    How bloody irresponsible to shareholder interests. Not happy.

  2. Steve says:

    I do think that there will be a lot of start ups coming out this year and will fail but I don’t think we’ll have a crash like the 90’s. Difference between now and than is that there is an actual business model and way to make money.(CPC) People are looking to much into Yahoo’s numbers as a gauge to the demise of web companies.

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