Treat your social media network carefully

I’m playing around alot with Twitter, Facebook, Ning, LinkedIn and I’m seeing more and more people essentially abusing their connections with others. Examples:

  • In Twitter: only tweeting to promote your own stuff/links
  • In Facebook: creating continual streams self-serving events
  • In LinkedIn: asking to make a connection to someone you don’t know

This indicates a few things:

  • Cluelessness of the essence of social networks
  • Embracing a failing strategy

Don’t do it. It won’t work and you’ll either be shrinking your network or building a valueless network of that’s inherently unmonetizable.

Do: Build a network on a Rock of Gibraltar: the real you. Don’t re-puke other’s posts unless you can add value. Put out stuff that really reflects what you’re thinking inside. If I connect with you, it’s because I want to connect with YOU, not the latest “1001 Internet Marketing Secrets the pros don’t want you to know!” scheme.

I can’t guarantee you’ll attract millions, but I can guarantee that whatever crowd you do attract will be real and will listen to what you have to say.

And that’s worth something.

Download this PDF and Read page 9 of this changeThis publication “Learning to view your customers as a powerful tribe“.