The difference between a real burger vs. a fast food burger

There’s a fine line that we need to walk in the Burger Model (a company built to flip) way of life. You can get a little too cheesy (no pun intended) and end up creating an el-cheapo McDonalds burger, or you can really put your heart and soul into building a burger to die for.

I picked up Russell Beattie’s blog post by reading Mark Pincus’ blog and Russell has done a very nice job of pointing out a lot of wannabe companies that are looking for a quick way out instead of really innovating something that will change the world. If what you’re doing is on this list, I’d take a long, hard look at it.

P.S. Jeff Clavier responds with a little more balance. The message is still the same: do something significant as opposed to going for a quick hit that you pray will be gained by adding a feature to something that another company is already doing quite well.

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