If I had more time, I’d write less. Why twitter is rich.

I’m really loving Twitter. After sending a link to my blog post about caring for your social network, I immediately got feedback from many folks and @PhillMoran asked me to write up something similar about email.

I was about to get started but then figured, lets ask the twitterverse and sure enough, within minutes, I started getting responses.

I was planning on dissecting the tweets and summarizing them into a post. But then the thought occurred to me, why? folks already thoughtfully limited their responses to 140 characters so they’ve really done the hard work.

So instead of going through the painful (at least, to me) process of wordsmithing every sentence to make it just write, I simply spent my time embedding links to each tweeter, thankfully crediting their work. Wow. A new writing style. Here’s the resulting post.

Twitter is hot. It’s a new platform. It’s the streaming thought source. And the applications have just begun. It’s like we’re in the opening days of email.