Many businesses fail because they have too much capital

I’ve got a personal affinity to bootstrapped startups. Bootstrapped to me means starting up with little or no capital. I like that model because it forces you to watch every single penny, every single hour, every customer, every sale, every problem, and every employee.

Think you can’t start your company without money? Well, that is probably technically true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started with doing *something*.

I was working with an entrepreneur who didn’t have enough capital to start up his company. His solution was to try to sell t-shirts with the company logo and use that to raise a few bucks until he can get going. Who knows whether he’ll succeed in that or not, but you gotta give him credit for being both resolute in his conviction and creative in his resourcefulness.

Ed Sim wrote this post “Having too much money can be a curse, not a blessing” that motivated me publish my $0.02.