Excel Instead of a Calculator

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When you are at your desk and you need to do a quick math calculation, I’ll bet you whip out your handy dandy desk calculator, right? Have you ever stopped to think of what a huge waste of money and resources that is? Why use a puny 5 function calculator when you’ve got a virtual supercomputer sitting on your desk? Next time use a spreadsheet instead! Why? For one, you can setup quick formulas that make recalculating many times faster than re-doing the whole thing on a calculator. Secondly, after you’ve done your spreadsheet calculations, you can easily email the results along with explanations to whoever else needs to see your work. Try that with a calculator. So get rid of all the calculators on your desk next time reach for a spreadsheet. It takes effort to break the old habit but I guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. eric n. says:

    Also, you might want to know that google has many basic functions built into the search bar. It also provides for a multitude of conversions.

    http://www.google.com — try “3 x 5”, “pi * 2”, “(5.50 * 40 * 52) USD to Yen”

  2. Sote says:

    On a laptop computer the numbers are ordered in an inconvenient horizontal fashion making work on Excel more cumbersome and time consuming. This is the case for most business travelers. A calculator peripheral takes up too much room when traveling on the other hand. Any suggestions?

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